Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are people ever denied their discharge?

Yes. There are a number of reasons why a court may deny a person their discharge. The most serious of these is perjury. If it is determined that a debtor provides false information regarding their income, assets or any other matter then that can be used as a reason to deny them their discharge. Furthermore, failure to comply with the order of the court, failure to comply with the bankruptcy code or provide necessary exhibits can also result in denial of a discharge. Sometimes it is determined that a person does not need to file a bankruptcy or they file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and it is determined that they should have filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. These are all types of denials. Sometimes a person files a bankruptcy and their circumstances change while they are under the court's jurisdiction such as they receive a much better job or become married to a person with significant income. The bankruptcy Judge will take into account all changes and conditions which occur over the time jurisdiction of the court. It is extremely rare for a debtor to be denied their discharge in bankruptcy.