Child Custody

Child custody disputes occur no matter if you were married or not. Perhaps you've recently divorced and would like to file for sole or joint custody; or maybe you're attempting to modify an order already in place. Baumstark & Vincent, PLLC has child custody lawyers who are able to assist no matter the situation. We keep the best interest of our clients and their children in mind.

What are the different forms of child custody? There are several options to consider: physical, legal, sole, and joint. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Physical custody is when one parent has the right to have the child(ren) live with him or her. In some cases, joint physical custody may be awarded. This is when time living with each parent is divided. Legal custody involves the right to make decisions regarding a child's upbringing. A parent has the obligation to make decisions in terms of schooling, religion and medical care. Joint legal custody is another form, allowing both parents equal right to these choices. Lastly, sole custody is divided into two sections: sole legal or sole physical. In certain cases, a parent has the right to both, especially if the other parent is deemed unfit. Knowing the differences in child custody allows you to make the right decision for your child(ren).

There are factors to consider in determining which party should have custody. Are both parents physically and mentally fit? The parent seeking custody must have an emotional tie to the child and be able to continue guidance and support during the child's developmental growth. Sometimes the Court will address the child's personal preference in making a decision. Whatever direction you choose, Baumstark and Vincent's child custody lawyers are here to help.