Child Support

Raising children can be financially cumbersome if you're not receiving the accurate support needed. You must obtain a court order directing the other parent to pay for each minor child. These orders can be obtained through a divorce or family settlement, or through a paternity action. Child support can also be a financial burden if you believe you're paying more than your obligation.

The amount of support is determined through a precise calculation of several factors. Experienced child support attorneys can assist in providing the court with the correct information, so that the calculation can be completed accurately. Without knowing all of the factors, it can be near impossible to go this process alone. If income changes or financial needs occur, the support order can be modified. Child support will continue for minor children until the age of eighteen (18) or when the child graduates high school, whichever occurs last. However, if the child is still in high school until the age of nineteen and one-half (19 ½), the support will cease.

It's important to know when to file for child support, and to know your rights as either a mother or father. Additionally, without proper legal advice from a qualified child support attorney you may not know if you're paying too much or receiving too little. Allow us to help present an accurate portrayal of your current situation, so that your child receives the support they deserve.