Criminal Defense & Expengment

Whenever you're faced with a crime, it's vital to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Whether you already have a criminal record, or if you're a first time offender, it's important to know your rights. Hiring a criminal defense attorney early on is key in obtaining a good defense against the charges you may be facing.

Attorney Conrad Vincent is a criminal defense lawyer who works with clients charged with a variety of crimes. His cases range from assisting those with DUI/OWI or drug possession to criminal sexual conduct and larceny. He will assist in devising a legal strategy with your best interests in mind. Many crimes can result in jail time and/or fines, which can impact your freedom and your future. Having an attorney to help you navigate through the legal system can improve your chances in reaching a favorable outcome.

Not only does Baumstark & Vincent, PLLC assist in criminal defense, but we also aid in those who are seeking to clear their criminal records. If you've been previously convicted of a crime, it's possible to have your record sealed. Having a clean record helps improve employment opportunities and your ability to apply for loans. Convictions can be set aside after five years has passed since sentencing if no imprisonment occurred, or five years after release from imprisonment.