License Restoration

With many businesses desiring their employees to have valid licenses, the revocation of one can limit prospective employment opportunities, or result in permanent job loss. It can also cause embarrassment when personal identification is required. Regardless if you've lost your license due to an alcohol or other related offense, a hearing before the Michigan Office of Driver Assessment and Appeals Division (DAAD) is part of the process, and an experienced DUI lawyer can help.

Providing the DAAD with the proper information is crucial in license restoration. If you've lost it due to alcohol or substance abuse, proof must be given that your problem is being controlled and will continue to be. Individuals must also prove that there is minimal risk of relapse, and that the particular violation will not reoccur. You are required to drive safely within the law, displaying the ability and motivation to do so. After reviewing the necessary factors needed for license restoration, a DUI attorney will determine if it is possible in your situation.

The DAAD needs clear and convincing evidence. With lawyers experienced in license restoration and DUI cases at Baumstark & Vincent, PLLC will tell you exactly what information they're looking for. We can help point you in the right direction for receiving treatment or support group assistance that may prove to be beneficial to your case. Remember, driving is a privilege-not a right, and hearing officers keep that in mind when reviewing requests for license restoration.