Social Security Disability

Are you suffering from a physical or psychological condition that prevents you from working? Do not get discouraged, there is an opportunity to receive benefits from Social Security. These benefits are granted to individuals that can successfully prove their disability. Knowing the correct information to provide is important, and that's where the aid of a Social Security Disability attorney comes into play. Baumstark & Vincent, PLLC walks clients through the application or appeals process.

If it's your first time applying for SSDI, you will need to fill out a lengthy application. Part of this may include documentation from a medical doctor or psychologist. The Social Security Administration must see that the individual applying is totally disabled. A candidate's condition must be severe enough to prevent them from maintaining employment of any kind. The condition must last a year or longer, or result in death. Additionally, your doctor can write a statement acknowledging that your health problem is serious and ongoing.

Have you applied and recently received a denial? Your ability to appeal this decision only lasts for 65 days. Many people choose not to undergo the appeal process alone, as it can be intimidating. Our disability lawyers are here to help you. An appeal hearing will be set and medical and/or psychological consultants may be present. They have the power to testify against you. If you're unable to effectively cross-examine the consultants, the chance of overturning your denial is limited. As experienced social security disability attorneys, we will help ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve by attending the hearing on your behalf.